Episode 19~ “The One After the Break”

Hey, y’all!

Beware! This episode has minimal editing due to a busy week after filming! I hope it’s mostly okay, though.

I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I put out an episode, or show notes for that matter! I really hope that in the new year I can become a better, more stable podcaster!


  • Little Red One Jumper, US 5 (3.75mm) needle for the body, Yarnfair Stripes
  • Kaden’s Hat, Tall Dark and Handsome by TinCan Knits, US 8 needles, Loops and Threads Impeccable Black, KnitPicks Brava Black
  • Small, Dark and Handsome, US 8 needles, Tall Dark and Handsome by TinCan Knits, KnitPicks Mighty Stitch in Oyster
  • Little Stocking, US 5 (3.75mm), KnitPicks Mighty Stitch Oyster and Pomegranate
  • Ponderosa Hat, US 5 (3.75mm), Debbie Bliss Rialto DK in Vintage Pink, Ponderosa by Mandarine’s


  • Snowflake Pullover, Snowflake by TinCan Knits, US 5 (3.75mm) needles, KnitPicks Swish DK in Dove Heather
  • Converse Slippers, Reaverse Slipper Socks by Rea Jarvenpaa, US 4 (3.5) needles, KnitPicks Brava in Marina

Hiatus Week Blog Post #2

Hey y’all!

Sorry for the hiatus this week, I’m trying to be on a schedule of record Wednesday and upload Thursday. That’s what works best with my weekly schedule and otherwise it’s really hard for me to get an episode out. I have to get up early on Wednesdays to record before Rowan wakes up and it just didn’t happen this morning, I don’t know what happened! I don’t even remember my alarm going off! Since I won’t be getting an episode out, I wanted to at least give y’all a blog post and tell you what I’m up to! I’ll talk about all this stuff in the next episode, too so you can have my commentary!


IMG_6858 IMG_6830

I finished these yesterday (Tuesday, October 20), and then Rowan didn’t want to take them off!!


IMG_6853 IMG_6854

I’m past the left thumb gusset. I separated the stitches for the thumb yesterday, and then put the thing aside. I love the way it’s turning out but those cables can get tedious!


Last week, I wasn’t following a pattern for this cowl, but I got past the ribbing and decided to look up the Handbrake Cowl and purchased it and found I was only 2 stitches over the CO amount for the pattern so I’m following that now! I did a cabled rib on the ribbing.

Sorry for that! But not really!!

IMG_6856 IMG_6855

I’m sorry all these photos ended up sideways! I thought I had fixed it. Anyways for this I am following the El Born pattern. I’m knitting this along with two friends, we cast-on on Saturday. I’m using KnitPicks Palette in the Mulberry and Almond colorways and I had a revelation that it looked like Peanut butter and Jelly, since then that song has been in my head and I named this shawl that. I’m really loving the way this is knitting up! It’s so squishy and smooshy! Can’t way to be able to wear it!

Well, I think that’s all for this week! Don’t forget to join the Virtual Tea Party for Yarn and Pointy Sticks!

Have a great week!

Happy Knitting!



Episode 16~ “The One with News at the End”

Hey y’all!




  • 50 grams Rare Breed North Ronaldsay Wool spun and plied

I hope y’all have a great week/have had a great week!

I’m sorry these show notes are so late!

Don’t forget to check out the Yarn and Pointy Sticks Blog and join the Virtual Tea Party!

See y’all next time!

Happy knitting!


Episode 15~ “The One with lots of Throat Clearing”

Hey y’all!

I want to preface this by apologizing for all the throat clearing! My allergies have been kicking my butt lately!


  • Oaklet Shawl, this has been done for a while, but it is now blocked!


  • Little Red One Jumper, I am following the Easy Top-Down Raglan Knit-Along pattern for this one, the yarn is Yarnfair Stripes in Red/Gray/Brown and I’m using a US 5 (3.75mm) needle
  • Cowl for my sister, I’m not following a pattern on this. US 8 needles, yarn is YarnBee Ashley in Limelight colorway

Smooshy Goodness:

  • Eden Cottage Yarns Titus 4Ply in the Alpine colorway
  • Debbie Bliss Rialto DK
  • Chester Farm Co Merino Sock Singles undyed
  • ShopLouLeigh bag, Large size, I am so IN LOVE with this bag! Go check her shop out! Also, she has a podcast, check it out! LouLeigh Podcast
  • Kitty Snips by HiyaHiya
  • Susan Bates Tipping Points

I feel like I’m forgetting something in Smooshy Goodness, if I talked about something and didn’t list it, I’m sorry, please just ask and I’ll fix it!

I didn’t do very much chatter, so I’ll talk a bit here.

The weather here has been quite up and down. Nice and chilly and then right back up and it’ll be hot or at least warm. I’m really hoping it’ll start cooling off for good soon, I’m ready for fall and winter!

On Friday, my sister in law and I took our boys to the farm nearby. They have a pumpkin patch in the fall, and closer to Christmas they have Christmas trees for sale, but they also have a playground and hay rides, a barrel train, and just a lot of fun stuff for the kids to do. The boys really enjoyed playing and we had a picnic lunch, it was so fun and I’m hoping to be able to drag Tyler back out there with Rowan because Rowan really loves the farm and would really enjoy if Tyler came along, this is the farm where I buy honey!

Anyways, that’s all this time!

Have a great week and happy knitting!



Episode 14~ “The One Zee Forgot to Name”

Hey y’all!

Edit: After I had begun editing the episode I realized I mistakenly said that Molly was German, I apologize! She is actually and American living in Germany.


  • Regia Socks– US size 1.5 (2.5mm) Addi Turbo Sock Rockets 40″ cable, FLK heel, 60 sts
  • Little Ava– US size 5, did the 12-18 month size


Smooshy Goodness:

  • Bergere De France Baltic
  • Bergere De France Magic +
  • Chiao Goo needles

Have a great week! Happy knitting!

xx, Zee

Episode 13~ “The One with the Mighty Stitch Review”

Hey Y’all!



  • Little Tooshie Socks, US 2 (2.75mm), Cascade Heritage Sock in Dahlia and Mango, Fish Lips Kiss Heel, 44 stitches


  • Regia Socks, US 1.5 (2.5mm) Addi Turbo Sock Rocket 40′ cable, Regia Design Line by Arne and Carlos in Fall Night. 60 stitches, fish lips kiss heel.
  • Stocking for Rowan, US 5 (3.75mm) DPN, mighty stitch in oyster and pomegranate, 72 stitches.

Stitch marker giveaway winner was @yarnhoarder82 on Instagram, congratulations!

I will keep y’all updated on whether or not I host a knit along for the El Born shawl!

I forgot to mention that on Saturday, we went to Tyler’s company picnic even though he had to work, we had a lot of fun and Rowan won two games all by himself! He won a tiger and a turtle (he picked the pink turtle, the guy looked at me funny  but it’s just a color! Who am I to tell my son he cant have the pink turtle? Anyways, Rowan named him Risbee and has been attached ever since!)

Well, I hope y’all have a great week!

Happy knitting!

xx, Zee

Episode 12~ “The One with “My Knittaz!”

Hey, y’all!

What’s up, my knittaz!


  1. The Oaklet Shawl in Patons Lace Sequin on US size 5 needles
  2. Vanilla Socks with Fish Lips Kiss Heel in KnitPicks Felici Time Traveller on US size1 needles; entered into the #RainbowKAL and the #SeptemberKAL


  1. Vanilla Socks with Fish Lips Kiss Heel in Regia Arne & Carlos Fall Night on US size 1.5 needles


  1. Christmas stocking for Rowan out of Mighty Stitch
  2. Socks for Rowan out of Cascade Heritage sock leftovers
  3. NICU hats for the #MightyKAL

I don’t have any smooshy goodness to show on this episode, but I should have a good package next week! Hopefully…

If you want a Fix-A-Stitch for yourself, you can find their website here.

Don’t forget to enter the Instagram Giveaway

Have a great week, y’all!

happy knitting!

Peace out, my knittaz!

xx, Zee

Episode 11~ “The One with the Daniel Tiger Genealogy”

Hey, Y’all!

I know these show notes are really late, I’ve been so busy!

Anyways, here’s episode 11:

I’d like to start the notes by saying that I’ve got a giveaway going on instagram right now, so be sure to enter that, I’ll choose a winner next week! The giveaway prize is a set of my Sweet Treat Stitch Markers

No FOs or HOs


  • Little Ava Cardigan by Taiga Hilliard, I’m out of yarn!
  • Oaklet Shawl by Megan Goodacre, size US 5 needles, Patons Sequin Lace in Ruby
  • Time Traveller socks, Size US 1 Needles, Knitpicks Felici in Time Traveller
  • Cozy Memories blanket, I got in two squares on this during the #SockBlanketMadness knitalong hosted on instagram by Sally of Wool Diaries

Smooshy Goodness:

I ordered some KnitPicks Mighty Stitch. It wasn’t in when I recorded but it has since come in and I plan to do a quick review of it next episode and then a more extensive one a little later when I’ve had a chance to use it more. I plan to use this to make Rowan a Christmas stocking and then I am going to buy more to make him the Moera by Sarah Ronchetti as a Daniel Tiger sweater (basically a Mr. Rogers sweater).


the recipes I mentioned are:

the recipe for the bread machine honey wheat bread is by 100 Days of Real Food.

This is the recipe for the cinnamon sugar bread I mentioned, seriously, make it, it’s to die for.

I think that’s everything. If I missed anything, please let me know or ask me!

I hope y’all had a great weekend and have a great rest of your week!

Happy knitting,



Hiatus Week

Hey, y’all!

I decided not to film an episode this week, since I’ve been working a lot on getting stuff ready for the shop and I needed a little break this week, but also I wasn’t going to have much to talk about. However, I thought I would at least do a blog post and update you guys on what’s going on! I’ll still talk about this stuff in next week’s episode, though!

First, I’ve been working on my Little Ava Cardigan, however, I’ve run out of yarn, so it’s on hold until I can get some more!



The little sheep progress keeper in the second photo marks where I was when I showed the sweater in the podcast, last week.

Next, I’m about halfway through the heel turn on my second Time Traveller sock:


Last, but not least, I’ve been putting some work into my Cozy Memory Blanket for #SockBlanketMadness Week:


I’ve got 11 squares so far, and currently have one in progress, also heres a sneak peek at the Stitch Keepers that will be going into my shop! I also made a zipper pouch for my grandmother.

Other than these few things, I’ve been making stitch markers and progress keepers and sewing up stitch keepers for the shop. Today I’m taking it easy and I’m just going to work on some thing’s I’ve been asked to make, like the dishcloth for my parents and the fingerless mitts my grandmother asked me to make as her Christmas gifts.

It is supposed to rain for the next several days here, today is is cloudy, breezy, and cool, so we went for a walk today and now Goober is watching his favorite movie and having some popcorn! The weather is definitely getting cooler and the days shorter, fall is definitely on its way in! Yay!

Well, I hope y’all are having nice weather and getting time to knit!

Have a great week and happy knitting!