NoodlKnits Podcast Episode 1

Hi, and welcome!

Here is episode one of the NoodlKnits podcast and the episode one show notes!

Sort of towards the end I kind of stutter about what day it is, sorry, I recorded this Wednesday night and was thinking I would post it Thursday, so i said “tomorrow is Thursday, or today is Thursday” because I was thinking about what day you would see it, most likely.

This is my first ever podcast, so I’m going to kind of lay out how I’m going to do this, I think. In this episode I spoke about a couple patterns and I didn’t have the authors of those patterns, I will link the patterns and credit their authors here. I will also try to clear up any places where I was kind of babbling along and wasn’t being clear, I know that can happen, especially being who I am as a person. Also, please keep in mind this was my first ever time recording myself and doing anything of this nature so I didn’t really have a structure in place, I’ll do better next time, I’ll be sure to make myself some notes throughout the week so I will have something to follow and will (hopefully) not be brambling on as much.

On to the show notes!

The yarn I used on my Quidditch Cup socks is Gynx Yarns, Strong Sport Base in the House Cup colorway, she sells on Etsy! I used the “Just Yer Basic Sport Sock” Pattern by Alyson Johnson, it is a free Ravelry download and can be found here:

The baby socks I made were made of KnitPicks Comfy (I think in the podcast I said “Shine”) Sport weight yarn in Planetarium and I described the Shine yarn, this yarn is a cotton and acrylic blend. The pattern is a highly modified version of the Cozy Little Toes pattern by Judy Kaethler, the unmodified version is a free ravelry download and can be found here:

The socks I’m currently working on are my Common Room socks under my project page on ravelry, the yarn is Voolenvine yarns in the Stellar Banshee colorway, the dye lot I have is a misfit dye, so the regular dye is much more gray, she also currently sells on Etsy, but probably not for much longer. The pattern is the Hermione Everyday Sock by Erica Lueder and is a free ravelry download which can be found here:

The hand mitts I’m working on are also KnitPicks Comfy Sport in Planetarium. The pattern is Baby Mitts by Susan B. Anderson, and I am modifying it because I’m using sport weight and I want to use my new Knitter’s Pride sock DPN’s. The free ravelry download can be found here:

I know I talked about my project bag a lot, but the zippered one is from A Homespun House and the two others are from That Semifero Grrl on Etsy. Also, I said that my DPN case was Diane Couture, I’m sorry! It’s Diana Couture on Etsy.

The needles I am using are Knitter’s Pride Dreamz 5′ sock set.

In case anyone was wondering, my nail polish is Etsy in Maximillion Strasse-Her, which is a cool grey, and the sparkle on top is Etsy Luxe Effects in A Cut Above and is a clear top coat with pink sparkles, and my nail polish is at the end of its second week so it is chipped, but it did manage to make it through two weeks of use, in which I handwashed dishes, went swimming, and cleaned the house.

Thank you so much for tuning in, and I hope to see you next time!!


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