NoodlKnits Episode 4~”LYS, Dentist, and 2 FOs”


Welcome to the NoodlKnits blog and show notes for Podcast Episode 4! This is my last week in Oklahoma City, which is sad, but I am ready to see my husband and have Rowan be back to normal, he’s been kind of crazy while we’ve been out to town!

On Friday, I went to the dentist expecting to get X-Rays and a consult on some wisdom teeth and cavities, and wound up having the cavities filled and two of the wisdom teeth pulled! I was heavily medicated through the weekend and am still on prescription grade ibuprofen for pain and swelling, but I’m all good now and thankfully have two of my wisdom teeth out! Now just to wait until I can have the bottom two surgically removed- FUN! I highly recommend the dentist I saw, if you live in Oklahoma City. His name was Dr. Drew Hendrix and he was so friendly and professional. He did a really good job of being honest with what he was going to do and not sugar coating the procedure and the pain I would feel, while also making me feel safe and unafraid. He asked me about my son and my hobbies and told me that in Dentist school he would spend a lot of time working at the free clinic pulling teeth, so he had a lot of experience pulling teeth and mine would be no problem. I felt very safe and comfortable in his office and he even gave me some water and told me that to avoid passing out from shots and blood draws I needed to breath very deeply from my nose, and I didn’t pass out, so that was a plus! I highly recommend Dr. Hendrix if you need any dental work and are looking for a new dentist in the OKC area!

Because I was medicated through the weekend, I only have one FO this week and I only worked on my Hermione sock minimally. I did manage to go to the yarn shop close to my parents house with my mom on Saturday! That was a great experience! I was a fairly large shop and it was so well organized and labelled and all the staff were so friendly and helpful, if you live in or near Oklahoma City or will be visiting or traveling through anytime soon I highly recommend you visit the

Now for knitting stuff!

My two FO’s this week are Moe’s Molar by Maureen Geelan and the Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho. Both are free downloads on ravelry. The tooth was very easy and quick to make and was actually a lot of fun, especially his silly face! I plan to give him to my dentist as a thank you for helping me out with some bothersome teeth. I’ve already done this hat pattern before and plan to do it again, this time I made it a little shorter and I hope it’ll be okay for my friend’s baby, I will add the tassel when she finds out gender.

My new yummy yarny goodness includes only two skeins of yarn and one circular needle. The first yarn, which I was really very excited to find in a store in the US was Regia Design Line Arne and Carlos in Fall Night! I was sure I was going to have to order this yarn online and I was fine with that, but finding it in a store so decently priced was such a lovely surprise that I had to buy it! It was like a sign! The other yarn acquisition was a skein of Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock in the Dahlia color way. I got this to use as a contrast heel and toe for my KnitPicks Felici Time Traveler socks! the needles I purchased are Addi Turbos Sock Rockets in a US size 1 which is a 2.25mm and a 40″ cord. I’m excited to try a pair of socks using magic loop and also to try doing the mitered square sock blanket on them. Most sock yarn blankets call for a US 2 or US 3, but I’m going to try on this US 1 first and if I don’t like the way it’s working up, I will ordered a new needle in a different size. I am very excited to try some magic loop socks, though!

As I said last week I plan to make a Rodeo Drive Poncho and I have decided on KnitPicks Capra DK yarn in the Wine color way. I’d love to have this poncho finished by the time I come back to Oklahoma for Christmas, but seeing as how the yarn for the project will cost about $80, that might be a long shot, who knows, hopefully! My only other plans at the moment are some vanilla socks with FLK heels for the Regia and Felici yarns!

That’s all for knitting!

I’ll be leaving OKC on Friday. It’s very bittersweet. I love visiting my family and I love OKC and I’ll really miss them, but I am ready to be home and have Rowan be back to normal, since his attitude has been so crazy since we’ve been here! I’d love to live here one day, if I could ever talk my husband into it!

I already talked about going to the yarn shop and dentist, the only other thing I did this week was create a Revelry group! Please join us!

Oh! I almost forgot the huge highlight of my week!! Mina, from the The Knitting Expat mentioned me on her podcast! I was so completely at a loss for words when I saw that! Thank you so much, Mina! It really means SO much!!

Also on thank-you’s, Thank you all so much for tuning in and coming back and subscribing! I have 26 subscribers on YouTube! I know that doesn’t really seem like much but to me that’s amazing, I never thought I would have any subscribers! I’ve also received a few encouraging comments and they are just so wonderful! Thank you all so much! The knitting community is just so wonderful and kind!


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