Episode 9~ “The One with ‘I love Canada'”

Hey, Y’all!


All of my FO’s were things I couldn’t show this week, sorry guys!


  • Vanilla Time Traveler Socks
  • Cozy Memories Blanket


  • Little Ava, I plan to knit this for my baby sister and instead of the garter stitch for the collar, buttonband, cuff, and bottom of sweater, I am doing seed stitch.

Smooshy Goodness:

  • many minis from Mina of the Knitting Expat Podcast
  • a quarter of fabric
  • a new, beautiful project bag and notions pouch
  • Yarn Bee Ashley in Dakota Hills, Lime Light, Pale Aqua
  • Yarn Bee Fair Isle in Blue/Grey Multi
  • Patons Lace Sequin in Ruby (which I need help deciding what do make with! Help!)


We’ve been donated a prize and it came in the mail, I’ll show it on the next episode and then post a pic of it in the ravelry thread!

Question for this week:

How do you store your notions?

side question for this week:

What shawl should I knit with this lace yarn!?

Thank y’all so much for tuning in this week! See y’all next week!

PS: sorry for the late show notes!


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