Hiatus Week

Hey, y’all!

I decided not to film an episode this week, since I’ve been working a lot on getting stuff ready for the shop and I needed a little break this week, but also I wasn’t going to have much to talk about. However, I thought I would at least do a blog post and update you guys on what’s going on! I’ll still talk about this stuff in next week’s episode, though!

First, I’ve been working on my Little Ava Cardigan, however, I’ve run out of yarn, so it’s on hold until I can get some more!



The little sheep progress keeper in the second photo marks where I was when I showed the sweater in the podcast, last week.

Next, I’m about halfway through the heel turn on my second Time Traveller sock:


Last, but not least, I’ve been putting some work into my Cozy Memory Blanket for #SockBlanketMadness Week:


I’ve got 11 squares so far, and currently have one in progress, also heres a sneak peek at the Stitch Keepers that will be going into my shop! I also made a zipper pouch for my grandmother.

Other than these few things, I’ve been making stitch markers and progress keepers and sewing up stitch keepers for the shop. Today I’m taking it easy and I’m just going to work on some thing’s I’ve been asked to make, like the dishcloth for my parents and the fingerless mitts my grandmother asked me to make as her Christmas gifts.

It is supposed to rain for the next several days here, today is is cloudy, breezy, and cool, so we went for a walk today and now Goober is watching his favorite movie and having some popcorn! The weather is definitely getting cooler and the days shorter, fall is definitely on its way in! Yay!

Well, I hope y’all are having nice weather and getting time to knit!

Have a great week and happy knitting!



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