Episode 13~ “The One with the Mighty Stitch Review”

Hey Y’all!



  • Little Tooshie Socks, US 2 (2.75mm), Cascade Heritage Sock in Dahlia and Mango, Fish Lips Kiss Heel, 44 stitches


  • Regia Socks, US 1.5 (2.5mm) Addi Turbo Sock Rocket 40′ cable, Regia Design Line by Arne and Carlos in Fall Night. 60 stitches, fish lips kiss heel.
  • Stocking for Rowan, US 5 (3.75mm) DPN, mighty stitch in oyster and pomegranate, 72 stitches.

Stitch marker giveaway winner was @yarnhoarder82 on Instagram, congratulations!

I will keep y’all updated on whether or not I host a knit along for the El Born shawl!

I forgot to mention that on Saturday, we went to Tyler’s company picnic even though he had to work, we had a lot of fun and Rowan won two games all by himself! He won a tiger and a turtle (he picked the pink turtle, the guy looked at me funny  but it’s just a color! Who am I to tell my son he cant have the pink turtle? Anyways, Rowan named him Risbee and has been attached ever since!)

Well, I hope y’all have a great week!

Happy knitting!

xx, Zee


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