Episode 10~ “The One with All the Stitch Markers”

Hey Y’all!

How is everyone today!? I hope y’all are just great! I think fall is finally starting to make is way slowly in! The days are getting shorter (by a little each day) and it’s not supposed to be 100°+ Fahrenheit all week! Yay!

Anyways, onto show notes!

I don’t have any FOs this week

…Or HOs



We’ve been generously donated a skein of Malabrigo Sock in Violeta Africana! So far, I have one other prize made up and that is one Sweet Thing set of my stitch markers, which contains one dangly Ice cream cone progress keeper, one fudge pop stitch marker, one popsicle stitch marker, one candy, and one cupcake!

My question for this week is What is your favorite project you’ve ever made to date and why? Is it really sentimental or did you just love the pattern/yarn?

Well I think that’s all for this week! Have a great week and Happy Knitting!


Episode 9~ “The One with ‘I love Canada'”

Hey, Y’all!


All of my FO’s were things I couldn’t show this week, sorry guys!


  • Vanilla Time Traveler Socks
  • Cozy Memories Blanket


  • Little Ava, I plan to knit this for my baby sister and instead of the garter stitch for the collar, buttonband, cuff, and bottom of sweater, I am doing seed stitch.

Smooshy Goodness:

  • many minis from Mina of the Knitting Expat Podcast
  • a quarter of fabric
  • a new, beautiful project bag and notions pouch
  • Yarn Bee Ashley in Dakota Hills, Lime Light, Pale Aqua
  • Yarn Bee Fair Isle in Blue/Grey Multi
  • Patons Lace Sequin in Ruby (which I need help deciding what do make with! Help!)


We’ve been donated a prize and it came in the mail, I’ll show it on the next episode and then post a pic of it in the ravelry thread!

Question for this week:

How do you store your notions?

side question for this week:

What shawl should I knit with this lace yarn!?

Thank y’all so much for tuning in this week! See y’all next week!

PS: sorry for the late show notes!

Episode 8~ “The One That’s Very Short”

Hey, Y’all!

I’m going to preface this episode by saying how sorry I am that it is so short! I did not have as much to say as I thought I did, but I definitely wanted to get one out. It just doesn’t seem like a full week without one!


  • Dish Scrubby, crocheted using Lily Sugar n Cream Solids on an H hook and white Tulle crocheted on a K hook. The picot edge is 4 dc in the first st, skip a st, slst, skip a st, 4 dc, etc until all stitches have been worked.



  • One Vanilla Sock with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel in KnitPicks Felici in the Time Traveler Colorway. These were knit on Knitter’s Pride Dreamz DPNs US size 1, 2.25mm. I love this yarn and these needles!



  • I cast on my second Rose City Rollers Sock in Cascade Heritage Sock in the Dahlia colorway. I’m knitting these on my Addi Turbo Sock Rockets 40″ for magic loop US size 1.5, 2.5mm. Can I just mention that these socks are named after a roller derby team and I think that’s super awesome?

My question for you this week is:

What is your favorite yarn? Is it s specific brand or just a specific fiber? What do you love about it?

Please just pop over to the Ravelry group and answer this in the thread for this episode!

Also, if you have any questions you would like me to answer in the podcast, anything you want to know about knitting or otherwise, please feel free to post in the Ask Away thread! You can also go to this thread to give me suggestions for things you’d like to see or hear on the podcast!

Happy Knitting!

Episode 7~ “The One without any Complete Thoughts”

Hey Y’all!





Sorry that these show notes were late! I am also sorry this episode and show notes are so short! If you’re interested in any of the knit alongs I talked about in this episode, they are all linked in last week’s show notes!

Episode 6~ “The One with #iForgot”

Hey y’all!

Thank y’all for watching and coming back to my show! I really appreciate it. Sorry there is a lot of background noise today! Everyone was awake and up!

I have a little slip up towards the end of the episode that leads to #iForgot, I kind of love it!

Well, let’s get down to business!


  • Maritime Facecloth, when I get to talking about this dishcloth, I don’t know what happened in the editing process for it to kind of just skip, but I apologize. And while on the topic of editing mishaps, when I went back and watched this episode it seemed a little over-edited, I apologize again! I was in such a rush to get it over with because Rowan was so curious and wanted to “help”
  • Bandana Cowl in Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky Paints, I entered this cowl into the #HiatusKALForYourNeck for the Yarn On Over Podcast as well as the #PurposefulStashalong for the Little Bobbins Knits Podcast


Smooshy Goodness:

  • I got a bunch of mini skeins from a friend in my local knitting group, they included: Malabrigo Sock in Ivy, Madelinetosh Twist Light in Plunge, Voolenvine Blitzed in Octopus Garden, Koigu KPPPM in unknown colorways, Gynx Glitz Sock in Lady, Gynx Strong Sock in Totoro #2, Madelinetosh Twist Light in Holi Grunge

New (to me) Podcasts:

And, if you’re interested in the two other podcasts I mentioned (which are non-knitting, btw, but HIGHLY recommended by me), they are:

  • Undisclosed, which is sort of a True Crime podcast. It is about the murder case of Hae Minh Li. If you listened to Serial, then you’ll enjoy this podcast because it goes more in depth on questions that Serial left unanswered. And if you’re into true crime and haven’t listened to either, I say start with Serial.
  • Welcome to Night Vale this podcast is completely impossible to explain and also completely perfect in every way. If you like scifi and weird stuff, then this is definitely for you. And if you already listen to it and have a good way of describing it to friends and family, please tell me what it is.

On my nails was Cute as a Button by Essie.

In my cup was Passion by Tazo.

Please join the Ravelry Group! We’d love to meet you and I’d love to chat with you! You also must be a member of the group to join the NoodlKnitsOSDKAL (that’s NoodlKnits Operation Sock Drawer Knit along.) and to answer the weekly viewer question, or to pose questions for me to answer on the show! So please join!

And last, but not least!

The question for this week is:

What do you do while you yarn (knit, crochet, spin, dye, etc)? Do you watch TV/podcasts, listen to music/audibooks/podcasts? Do you just sit and chat with people? And if you do watch TV or listen to books/music, what’s your favorite to listen to?

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see y’all next week!!

Episode 5~ “The One with the 5 Second Dance Party”

Hey y’all!

This episode sure gave me a lot of issue uploading! First the browser crashed, then the power went out, then my husband accidentally stopped the upload, but here it is! Finally!

Since this episode has cause me as much pain and frustration as it has, these show notes will be short, sorry for that!

FO’s, HO’s:

  • My onely and greatest FO this week are my Hermione Everyday Socks! Yay
  • My Only HO is one Regia Arne and Carlos vanilla sock with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel


  • I have started my Cozy Memories Blanket, and have two squares, in the video I said that I had cast on a provisional cast on (I was planning on maybe doing an I-Cord edging and I might still) and I was slipping the first stitch purlwise and the last stitch knitwise through the back loop, but I restarted the blanket and I’m not doing that anymore, but if anyone still wants the provisional cast-on tutorial, here it is.
  • I recklessly cast on a hat, I’m just doing 3×1 rib on the whole hat
  • the last WIP is a dishcloth for my parents

No Smooshy Goodness

Operation Sock Drawer KAL!

Okay, I’m really excited about this, so here are the rules:

  • An Entry has to be one PAIR of socks
  • Only finished, bound off pairs of socks can be entered
  • If you have a current sock WIP, finish it up and it counts!
  • Must post FOs in the #NoodlKnitsOSDKAL FO thread on Ravelry to be entered into the drawing for a prize
  • No Chatter in the FO thread
  • You can enter as many pairs of finished socks as you finish between now and January 1, 2016
  • KAL ends January 1, 2016!

If you are a yarn dyer, sewer, stitch marker maker, etc and you would like to donate a prize to this KAL, please contact me on ravelry! That would be so awesome and I’d really appreciate it!

Otherwise, I still have not decided on any prizes, yet, but I will definitely keep y’all updated!

The new podcast I’ve been watching this week is The Yarn On Over Podcast, go check her out because I love her podcast!

The Ravelry group question for this week is “What is your favorite thing to knit at the moment? Why do you love to knit this thing and what got you into it?” please head over to the Ravelry group and answer that in the thread for this episode!

That’s all for this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube and join the Ravelry group!

Happy Knitting!

NoodlKnits Episode 4~”LYS, Dentist, and 2 FOs”


Welcome to the NoodlKnits blog and show notes for Podcast Episode 4! This is my last week in Oklahoma City, which is sad, but I am ready to see my husband and have Rowan be back to normal, he’s been kind of crazy while we’ve been out to town!

On Friday, I went to the dentist expecting to get X-Rays and a consult on some wisdom teeth and cavities, and wound up having the cavities filled and two of the wisdom teeth pulled! I was heavily medicated through the weekend and am still on prescription grade ibuprofen for pain and swelling, but I’m all good now and thankfully have two of my wisdom teeth out! Now just to wait until I can have the bottom two surgically removed- FUN! I highly recommend the dentist I saw, if you live in Oklahoma City. His name was Dr. Drew Hendrix and he was so friendly and professional. He did a really good job of being honest with what he was going to do and not sugar coating the procedure and the pain I would feel, while also making me feel safe and unafraid. He asked me about my son and my hobbies and told me that in Dentist school he would spend a lot of time working at the free clinic pulling teeth, so he had a lot of experience pulling teeth and mine would be no problem. I felt very safe and comfortable in his office and he even gave me some water and told me that to avoid passing out from shots and blood draws I needed to breath very deeply from my nose, and I didn’t pass out, so that was a plus! I highly recommend Dr. Hendrix if you need any dental work and are looking for a new dentist in the OKC area!

Because I was medicated through the weekend, I only have one FO this week and I only worked on my Hermione sock minimally. I did manage to go to the yarn shop close to my parents house with my mom on Saturday! That was a great experience! I was a fairly large shop and it was so well organized and labelled and all the staff were so friendly and helpful, if you live in or near Oklahoma City or will be visiting or traveling through anytime soon I highly recommend you visit the

Now for knitting stuff!

My two FO’s this week are Moe’s Molar by Maureen Geelan and the Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho. Both are free downloads on ravelry. The tooth was very easy and quick to make and was actually a lot of fun, especially his silly face! I plan to give him to my dentist as a thank you for helping me out with some bothersome teeth. I’ve already done this hat pattern before and plan to do it again, this time I made it a little shorter and I hope it’ll be okay for my friend’s baby, I will add the tassel when she finds out gender.

My new yummy yarny goodness includes only two skeins of yarn and one circular needle. The first yarn, which I was really very excited to find in a store in the US was Regia Design Line Arne and Carlos in Fall Night! I was sure I was going to have to order this yarn online and I was fine with that, but finding it in a store so decently priced was such a lovely surprise that I had to buy it! It was like a sign! The other yarn acquisition was a skein of Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock in the Dahlia color way. I got this to use as a contrast heel and toe for my KnitPicks Felici Time Traveler socks! the needles I purchased are Addi Turbos Sock Rockets in a US size 1 which is a 2.25mm and a 40″ cord. I’m excited to try a pair of socks using magic loop and also to try doing the mitered square sock blanket on them. Most sock yarn blankets call for a US 2 or US 3, but I’m going to try on this US 1 first and if I don’t like the way it’s working up, I will ordered a new needle in a different size. I am very excited to try some magic loop socks, though!

As I said last week I plan to make a Rodeo Drive Poncho and I have decided on KnitPicks Capra DK yarn in the Wine color way. I’d love to have this poncho finished by the time I come back to Oklahoma for Christmas, but seeing as how the yarn for the project will cost about $80, that might be a long shot, who knows, hopefully! My only other plans at the moment are some vanilla socks with FLK heels for the Regia and Felici yarns!

That’s all for knitting!

I’ll be leaving OKC on Friday. It’s very bittersweet. I love visiting my family and I love OKC and I’ll really miss them, but I am ready to be home and have Rowan be back to normal, since his attitude has been so crazy since we’ve been here! I’d love to live here one day, if I could ever talk my husband into it!

I already talked about going to the yarn shop and dentist, the only other thing I did this week was create a Revelry group! Please join us!

Oh! I almost forgot the huge highlight of my week!! Mina, from the The Knitting Expat mentioned me on her podcast! I was so completely at a loss for words when I saw that! Thank you so much, Mina! It really means SO much!!

Also on thank-you’s, Thank you all so much for tuning in and coming back and subscribing! I have 26 subscribers on YouTube! I know that doesn’t really seem like much but to me that’s amazing, I never thought I would have any subscribers! I’ve also received a few encouraging comments and they are just so wonderful! Thank you all so much! The knitting community is just so wonderful and kind!

NoodlKnits Podcast Episode 3- Sooner State!


Please forgive me for saying the date was January 3! I’ve been quite sleep deprived and had to refilm the opening three times for different interruptions. I filmed JUNE 3!!

Welcome to episode three of my humble podcast. If you’re a returning viewer thank you so much for coming back and if you’re new thank you so much for tuning in, I hope you liked me and are going to come back!

You can find me on revelry as NoodlKnits. and also on Instagram as @noodlknits. I also have a Facebook page under the same name.

The socks I was working on and currently have one finished are the Hermione Everyday socks, I apologize for this, but as there is a lot going on here I ask that if you want that pattern, you go to my show notes from last week and I have a link there, same goes for the Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho, I’m so sorry.

This episode had a lot of background noise and was a very short episode, I’m sorry! I’m at my parents house and there is a lot going on constantly it seems.

If you would like to find any of the other patterns I talked about, they are in my revelry queue, for instance, the Rodeo Drive Poncho and the Blom Shawl are definitely in my queue, I just don’t have the time to link them at the moment, I apologize for that.

Please add me and follow me on Ravelry and Instagram! And please feel free to ask me any questions.

I created a Ravelry group! Please search for “NoodlKnits Podcast” under the group tab in Ravelry and join! I’d love to hear from you!

NoodlKnits Podcast Episode 2


Thanks for coming back, if you’re returning, thanks for coming if you’re new! I love having y’all!

This episode was quite a lot of rambling, sorry about that. I woke up early to attempt to film the episode with the good, natural, morning light before everyone woke up. It didn’t really work out.. Anyways, sorry for all the rambling and long tangents. I promise I am trying to organize my thoughts into notes before I film, but I like to talk so I usually end up filling space that doesn’t really need to be filled… I’m trying, I’ll get better.

Like I said in the podcast I may not film an episode for the next two weeks because I will be in Oklahoma spending time with my family. Hopefully when I come back I will have finished some stuff and acquired some yarns and I will have more actual real things to discuss.

On to the show notes!

I mentioned several patterns, I did a pretty good job this time of having the authors in my notes so I could mention them.
The first pattern I mentioned was the Quick and Basic Coffee Cozy by Andrea Piernock and published on Social Knitworking (which I think is a super clever blog name, by the way!) On that one I duplicate stitched letter that I had drawn out a chart for on my own because I couldn’t find a chart for small enough letters. I used KnitPicks Brava Worsted in Black

Next was the Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho published on the PurlBee website. I made the baby size, I’m hoping it’s small enough for a newborn, it’s been quite a while since Rowan was a newborn, and even then he was a big newborn, so I just hope it’ll be small enough. I used KnitPicks Brava Worsted in Cream.

Baby Mitts was next on the list. It is by Susan B. Anderson and was published on the Spud Says! blog. I used KnitPicks Comfy Sport in Planetarium

The sock I am currently working on is the Hermione Everyday Sock pattern by Erica Leuder and published in Dreams in Fiber. The yarn on that is Voolenvine Strasse in Stellar Banshee.

And last, but not least is the Honey Cowl by Antonia Shankland published Madelintosh. I knit it in Valley Yarns Valley Superwash in the Wild Rose colorway.

If anyone needs/wants to know, the tea I’m drinking is Palais Des The Big Ben and can be purchased on their website.

My nail polish is Essie “She’s pampered” and the accent nail is also Essie in “Good as Gold”

In the future I won’t talk about my musings on selling during the podcast and if I do decide to start selling I will keep any and all shop updates or shop info until the end of each episode for those who don’t care.

Thanks so much for watching (or watching again) and I hope you come back soon!

Happy Yarning!